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This is a question I always ask myself- How can I create change? I look at the violence and homicide rates in London. I turn on the news after a long day and then that burning question lingers – how can I as an individual make my community better? What little thing can I do to help?

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You know a�?little changea�� still changes. The change we want to see in the world starts from our little corner. It starts with you and me. It starts from our homes. It doesna��t have to be giving a keynote speech on global warming or going to Liberia to advocate for girls education or even going to India and advocating against child marriage. Those things are good and if you have the platform and opportunities, great! Go for it.

http://scoutsdebolivia.org/biblioteca/Programa de Jóvenes/Lobatos/Cartilla Saltador/CSpags86-108.pdf But many of us dona��t have the opportunity to travel the world and visit communities which need help. We dona��t have huge social media platforms which can potentially influence decisions made by the government and international organizations. But that does not mean your voice is worthless. It doesna��t mean you should sit back unbothered about some of the things we see going around.

http://thinkcore.be/corecafe/ The violence occurring in our London communities is heart-breaking, seeing young people resort to violence as a way out of their problems is disheartening. What can I do? How can I make someonea��s life better? How can I encourage my younger sisters and brothers that they have a beautiful life ahead, though things might be hard now, though the family dynamics might be getting out of hand, though no one seems to have your back, your voice does not seem to be heard and no one seems to be listening, you still matter. Your best years lie ahead.

Order Xanax Online Overnight Delivery And that is one of the things we can do to create change;


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People just want to be heard. Thata��s the honest truth. In certain moments, we dona��t even want advice or counseling. We just want to be listened to. In this tech age we live in, the social connection we have with people has decreased. We dona��t know how to talk and connect with even people we love without sending them a text. Sometimes one needs a visit and not just a text message. And we wonder why people experience and resort to different things- dropping out of college, joining a gang, crime. NO EXCUSE to do those things. That is true but when you dig down deeper – ita��s souls that are hurting, young people who need help, families that have been torn apart. Parents who were never there for their children. You never know what anyone is going through. A lot of people put facades on each day. But behind closed doors, the situation is sometimes different and so when you can LISTEN. LISTEN to your parents, siblings, cousins, friends, colleagues. Sometimes they have hurt and pain that needs to be shared and you might be the angel they need. You might be the voice of hope theya��ve been waiting for. You might be the reason they decide to take a different road. A� It might just be you sitting down with your cousin and letting them know your experiences and the importance of them making the right decisions in life. LISTEN. LISTEN. LISTEN.

And after you listen




We see so much injustice and inequality going around. So much going on within our communities and the little way you can help is to speak out. You dona��t need to go on the street with a microphone. It might be on your social media platforms. Are you using social media as a force for good? Are you using social media as a force for change? What are you doing with the platform you have? Never in time have we been able to get our voices heard like today. And if you dona��t have a platform, you can create one. You want to create change, you want to make an impact, the easiest way is through social media and from these, you can advocate for what you believe in, you can connect with people who believe in your vision, you can possibly go viral – forcing governments, organisations, companies to take action and even our HOMES. A parent can stumble upon a video and they might want to come back home and have real, honest conversations with their children. You just never know what might happen when you decide to speak up.

And there are other ways we can create change today. Volunteer, sign petitions- we see them flying over social media, attend events which promote causes you care about, join online conversations and forums on issues you are passionate about.

I think we often look at how we can create BIG change, forgetting the little steps we take daily are still a step forward. These little steps go a long way to creating change maybe not for our generation but for the generation to come years from now.


Take action today.



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