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Women- we are God’s gifts brought to humanity. Inquisitive, Intuitive, strong and compassionate beings.

March- this month has been an amazing one with the likes of International Women’s Day as well as Mother’s Day; it was lovely scrolling through my social media feeds and seeing extraordinary women being celebrated.

But how about we do something different this time around? Yes, it’s good to celebrate women but today, action matters most. There is little point advocating for women’s rights constantly when within our circles, there is jealousy, hate and strife.

Imagine what it would be like when we can come together and support each other instead of tearing each other down. The truth is that we still do… We still get jealous, We still talk behind our sister’s back, when we hear ‘Lucy’ has started her side-hustle or has got that high paying job, we put our noses up, roll our eyes, perhaps murmur under our breath how ‘Lucy’ is always lucky, meanwhile she didn’t finish college etc. And the whole comparison cycle starts.

I write from experience also and in the journey of building my brand- Motty Inspires, I have to constantly remind myself that when I see my fellow sister who started her blog or YouTube channel, or started her coaching services, that she is not my competition. I am my only competition. I do not need to start watching out for her or start comparing my journey to hers. I don’t need to. We are women. We go through the same things- the same hurt, the same pain, the same lonely and depressed nights, the same hustle to get our voices heard and our brands recognised. We go through the same struggle of social media comparisons- comparing my behind the scenes morning look to another woman’s defined, filtered selfie on Instagram. And i have to pause here…

And really talk about the importance of guarding your hearts. Social media only shows you the highlight reel. It shows you people’s best moments, when the face is beat, the body has had a good workout; they’re on holiday or just got engaged. So sister, why do you compare your behind the scenes to that refined picture. Behind that artificial glass most times is pain, hurt, suffering. You never know what anyone is going through. So be confident in your journey and when you see your sister excelling, SUPPORT her. Get it into your head, tell yourself, she is not my competition. We are each other’s support system.

Image credit: processpositive.files.wordpress.com

I make it a point of duty that whenever I see my friends or just ladies I know in general who are smashing their goals, living their best lives, perhaps started their side-hustle- blog, YouTube channel, cooking show, hair stylist bookings. I am here to support and send a congratulations message and a word of encouragement because this journey is tough.

The journey to success is not a bed of roses. It is not all glitz and glam. There’s more to it. There is a lot of hustle and self-talk and consistency that is needed to even put one step forward each day. Especially for us as content creators. The struggle is real sometimes lol! Sometimes it is easy to get consumed with the numbers, the followers, the likes, the blog statistics and community that is taking time to build. So the least we can do is support each other. Build one another up. No man is an island. It takes a village!

So today, lend a helping hand to a sister! Leave a comment on her blog! Give her a shout out! Tell her, her hair looks fly! Those eyebrows lol!!- They’re on fleek! Tell her she looks cute! Give her a compliment!

That’s what the world needs.

There is so much potential, so much greatness when women can support each other instead of tear each other down.

Let us know how you celebrated International Women’s Day this year in the comment section? What does it mean to be a woman? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comment section.


Motty xo


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