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Educational pursuits for children in rural areas within Asia



Children are being given educational access through Tuk-Tuks in rural Cambodia.

Tuk-Tuks, a popularised form of transport used within South East Asia, are providing free academic books and lessons to children in remote villages. This initiative is called a�?Book Book Tuk-Tuk.a�?

It is often challenging for children within rural Cambodia to get an education due to the lack of finances from their parents or guardians.

The Kuma Cambodia school, which was founded and supported by the Norwegian Association for Private Initiative in Cambodia (NAPIC) dispatch books on carts to remote areas in order to provide easily delivered books to children.

The Tuk-Tuks are operated by volunteers, and most volunteers are recent school leavers.

Volunteers stress to parents the importance of sending their children to school and seekingA�ways to provide some form of education in their household. Volunteers also focus upon social issues such as HIV prevention and action.

What has been a speculated fear among volunteers is that when children arena��t in school forming healthy relationships with peers and learning, they become more vulnerable within society. The risk of children becoming exploited and joining drugs and crime pursuits increases rapidly when education isn’t in their focus or within their means.

Volunteers are able to teach the children sciences, arts and crafts, improve childrena��s reading standard, and inform them about the rich culture and history of Cambodia.

Although this scheme is centred upon the education of children, volunteers have been encouraged to prioritise informing parents and guardians about the importance of sending their children to school. That is the priority as opposed to it being to solely educate the children when visiting their community.

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Indonesia has a low number of English language teachers. This means there is a decrease in employment prospects for children in the future. Families within low income areas often have no access to English language teaching.

In response to this lack of opportunity in rural areas, numerous organisations such as Oxford University Press (OUP), car group IndoMobil and US teaching network Eleutian, have come together to provide trucks holding satellite technology, which can connect Indonesian students with US located teachers. This allows the students to feel as though they are personally engaging with teachers and are being taught by trustworthy and promising educators.

The trucks strictly go to low income areas across Indonesia and park anywhere that appears ideal for a vehicle to be stationed. Playgrounds have been a frequent choice of parking.

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Bangladesh is prone to flooding which results in classroom learning on wheels, likeA�other nearby countries, unsafe and impractical. The flooding in the country can cause severe detriment to childrena��s education, as it makes manyA�of them unable to leave their place of shelter to be educated.

For this reason, thousands of children learn from within a boat. The floating schools collect children from stops across the river.


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