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If ‘This Girl Can’ Then I Can


Buy Xanax Cod Overnight Last week Thursday, Abby Khumalo; student and President of the Women’s football team at London South Bank University was given the chance to host an event for ‘This Girl Can’ campaign week. A�A panel of empowering influential women from different platforms talked to an audience and gave an insight into their careers and journey.

http://middlewich-heritage.org.uk/images/stories/Archaeology/Roman_Middlewich_Digs/SectionGallery/trajancoin.jpg Hearing about the journeys of the female panelists and the success they have achieved so far, put into perspective just how much work it takes to not only establish themselves but to sustain momentum in their career. It also offered some hope to the audience that they too can achieve success.


Considering success, as everyone wants to be successful and has the potential to reach high levels of success, the women on the panel gave us some tips that will help us on our journey. These include:

  • Xanax Cheap Network:A�it is about who you know!
  • http://dunamisblog.com/tag/keywords/feed/ Do not be afraid to ask: the worst you can get is a ‘no’
  • Do not care: live to please yourself and not others
  • Tunnel vision is key:A�Do not lose sight of what you want. Focus on yourself.
  • Love what you do:A�for if you love what you do you will be happy and happiness is the ultimate goal.
  • Share your wealth:A�helping others is not going to hinder your success nor will it affect your journey. Everyone needs help sometimes.

So, to all the young girls (and women) who aspire to have a career in the creative and media industry, believe that you can do as others have done. You must envision your ideas and set goals and begin to make an effort to work towards these goals. Always stay true to who you are and why you started your journey. There will be many times where you feel discouraged and your journey will become difficult but these moments will be there to push you to overcome these obstacles and reach your greatest potential. You are not alone in your struggle, everyone experiences downfalls in their journey. Do not be alarmed, you are just as good as the next person.


If you do everything to the best of your ability, you will get results; as what you put in you will surely get out.

And remember, ifA� ‘This Girl Can’ so can you.

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